Porous Pave

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Porous Pave is a pour in place pavement material using stone, recycled rubber and a binder material. LEED qualified, Porous Pave is slip resistant, won't freeze or crack, environmentally friendly and is available in several colors. Trails, sidewalks, pathways, parking lots, play areas, patios, pool surrounds and tree surrounds are just a few of the many uses. If you have any place with water drainage issues, Porous Pave works fantastic; in fact it has 29% void space allowing over 6200 gallons of water per hour, per foot to flow through! In addition, Porous Pave is easy and quick to install, using a standard mortar mixer, mixing time is under a minute, and once in place curing time is about 24 hours and is ready for even heavy vehicle traffic.

Jay L. Oosterhouse
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jay@porouspaveinc.com, tel: 231.225.5900