Lakewood Public and Private Gardens Tour
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Tue June, 24 - 7:30am to 11:30am
Main hotel entrance, CA Street.

Buses depart at 7:30 a.m., board in front of Marriott on California Street.

The Gardens at Kendrick Lake:    A three acre public garden is part of the Lakewood Park department and was designed by Gregory Foreman, Lakewood Horticulturist. This is an example of a Xeriscape demonstration garden, designed to show people ways to incorporate low water shrubs and perennials to create a vibrant garden with less irrigation. The scope and excellence of design of this garden has been nothing short of revolutionary: it is popular at all times of the year, with many visitors coming with notebooks and cameras to document the gorgeous combinations of flower and foliage texture. Many native plants are found here, and those from similar climates. It was the first Plant Select public garden. See more at:

Timberline Gardens:    One of the Front Range’s premier nurseries, Kelly Grummons (co-owner of the nursery) is a leading hybridizer who has introduced a wonderful suite of plants to regional horticulture. This is a full service nursery with a wonderful assortment of trees, shrubs as well as an eclectic and varied selection of groundcovers, perennials, annuals and even tropical plants. This is also one of the largest suppliers of soil and amendments in the region…a full scale operation!

Rob Proctor’s garden:    Rob Proctor is a noted author and Television personality in the Denver area who has created one of the most ambitious and classic gardens of the region along with David Macke: this garden has expansive perennial borders that are beautiful throughout the growing season, a meticulous potager—and the garden is famous for the abundance and exuberant container gardens—hundreds of kinds of tropical plants, succulents and annuals cascade everywhere throughout this garden in the signature cobalt colored containers—not to be missed!